Quelly - National Gender and Sexuality Film Festival reaches its 5th edition with films focusing on LGBTQIPA+ black audiovisual experiences

01 to 03 June 2023

The fifth edition of Quelly – National Gender and Sexuality Film Festival will take place from June 1st to 3rd, with works that will address sexuality and the LGBTQIPA+ black experience in the audiovisual.

They will be films by young filmmakers that portray themes such as Afrofuturism, Ancestry, Religiosity, Land Occupation, Fashion and the Ballroom Scene.

It is curated by George Pedrosa and produced by Josh Baconi and Gabriel Marques, from Kasarán Filmes.





Escasso | Clara Anastácia and Gabriela Gaia Meirelles | 15 min, Rio de Janeiro – RJ

A political mockumentary that never talks about politics. An excessive, verborrhagic, hungry and comedic movie. ESCASSO accompanies Rose, a professional pet walker who presents her new home to a documentary team while celebrating the realization of a dream: that of her own home, even if invaded. While saying taking care of the property and waiting for the landlord to return, the new “tenant” creates intimacy with the house, assuming a state of passion for the absent owner

God Doesn’t Leave | Marçal Vianna | 20 min, Nova Iguaçu- RJ

Years ago, Miguel stopped presenting himself as Mika Sapequinha: he cut his hair, dropped his skirts and created a new version for himself. A frequent visitor to the Evangelical Church, today he faces a turbulent journey

of self-knowledge.
Chakal | IVY | 17 min, Niterói – RJ

After the murder of a transvestite by a serial killer, the group CHAKAL, known for its acts of retaliation against the violence suffered by trans people, transmutes into rituals and sets out to find the Midnight Killer to bring justice for the death.

Pluto isn’t that far from here | Augusto Borges | 16 min, Ceilândia – DF

Rian is a peripheral young man who, like many others, grew up in a troubled family and was abandoned early by his older brother, Pigarro, who was forced to flee to Plutão, a new slum created on the banks of Ceilândia to house opponents, described by the government as “subversives”.

Patch | Roger Ghil | 20 min, Vila Velha – ES

Zé carries a burden. Why do you insist on patching up this bunch of things that are no longer useful?



Decolonizing QUEER workshop with Roger Ghil

The workshop presents some cinematographic milestones that displace classic narratives and languages of cinema by intersectionalizing race and gender. We will understand how movie theaters in the global South in their self-referential aspect inaugurate the policy of bankrupting the market of identity pride, as well as breaking with the regimes of hypervisibility

and Tokinism.

Ana Rúbia | Diego Baraldi, Íris Alves Lacerda | 15 min, Rondonópolis – MG

Deep Brazil. While drifting through a city in the interior of Mato Grosso on the banks of the BR-163, we followed the routine of Ana Rúbia, who is preparing for the launch of the book “School Memories of Transvestites

Elusion | Taís Augusto | 22 min, Paraipaba – CE

Strangely impervious, Lud and Afonso cross the night.

Promise of Wild Love | Davi Mello | 22 min, São Paulo – SP

Upon entering and penetrating a party, a young boy discovers that this will be his last night.

Weaving Spaces | Mabu Ferreira | 14 min, São Luís- MA

In a scenario where black and queer fashion is gaining more space nationally, two studios are invited to share their experiences and learning.

Blue Pool | Pedro Fagim | 15 min, Niterói- RJ

Tiago’s (Jovan Ferreira) solitary and monotonous existence is turned upside down when he discovers the love of his life inside a flowery box. But can that love be returned?



Sexuality and Eroticism in Cinematographic Performance Workshop with Wand Albuquerque

The workshop is a joint investigation that seeks to question and provoke based on the desires and practices of film performers, with the interest of transgressing the impositions on pseudosexuality, transcending the restrictions built on the body, pleasure, and casual affectivities. It is a meeting to study and construct ways of exposing a new sexuality: free, open and


Corparte | Motta | 15 min, São Luís – MA

A portrait of non-binary bodies in São Luís, Maranhão. The documentary delves into the intimacy of Nebraska Diamond and PP “Poeta Marginal”, two artists who use body expression as a form of resistance

and political struggle on the island.
With Me You Can’t Do It | Tássia Araújo | 73 min, Teresina – PI

Ten witnesses to the rise of the queer night in Teresina-PI review memories from the early 80s. The first to assume their identities in a modern but, paradoxically, conservative capital, recall the nightclubs in the city center, which marked a generation. From the euphoria of political openness to the AIDS epidemic, to the political organization of social movements for the defense of rights



Wand Albuquerque
Roger Ghil