Brave battery! Cururupu Flor do Samba Samba School shakes up Pátio Aberto this week

25 May 2023 to 19:00

Officially founded in May 1986, Sociedade Recreativa Flor do Samba took its first steps in the Três Coração neighborhood in Areia Branca, municipality of Cururupu (MA) as a “Carnival Ox”, animating Momo’s festivities in the early 70s, and later becoming the Flor do Samba carnival block. In the following years, the block was transformed into a Samba School.

Composed of men, women, young people and children from the community itself, Flor do Samba de Cururupu will perform with its Brave Heart Battery this Thursday at the CCVM’s Open Courtyard.

Free entry!